About David Vane

I have been involved in cyberspace for well over 25 years now,  ever since I opened an internet cafe  in Southampton in 1995! (a little early but that’s me! :o))
The cafe (Cyberscone) closed in 1996 but I continued to produce web sites and give talks all over the country about “How to use the internet for business”. They were exciting times and it really felt like we were on the edge of something really new.

I remember attending the Internet World exhibition in the Wembley Conference centre in 1995 when there were only 40 companies exhibiting! How things have changed since then. The internet and web have grown out of all proportion and I find new discoveries everyday.  It’s a bit like being the main character in the novel “Neuromancer” by William Gibson (what a great book – I must read it again soon)

Anyway my main ‘thing’ nowadays is how to help busy people to be more effective by looking at the three T’s  – Time ,Technology and Training. So watch this space for some thoughts and ideas and I welcome them from those who visit as well. www.workzmarter.com

1 thought on “About David Vane”

  1. Ben Barker said:

    Hi David

    I would like to report, a broken resource on your website and also make an inquiry, I was wondering if you had an email i could contact you on?



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