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Yes, I’m back, having had a few months off to reassess my ideas for the future and I am going to focus on providing useful tips to help you to be more effective with your computer and offer one to one, online sessions if you need a little more help?

Ctrl+Z is one of the most useful keystrokes on a computer.

Have you ever spent 2 hours on a report and deleted all of the text by accident? What can you do?  Ctrl Z

Have you moved a picture in Word doc and then spent several minutes trying to get it back to the correct position?  – Ctrl Z

It works in most applications – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc…. Try it!

David Vane has spent much of his career helping people to use technology- computers, tablets, smartphones as well as applications (MS Office – Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc) and online media (web, social media, ) If you would like to have a one to one session online with him please email david.vane@workzmarter.com or go to http://www.workzmarter.com