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Workzmarter not harder

Yes after a few months off – moving house, clearing boxes from rooms and doing the garden etc I have determined to come back to blogging again. Those who blog regularly (@gavinmeikle ‏) will know how it takes a lot of effort to keep this up. But I use my blogs to send to the other platfiorms – Twitter(@davidvane@), Facebook, Linkedin and Google+.

However the internet never sleeps so following a billiant presentation by David Taylor (@savvysocialdt) at the FSB breakfast meeting last week he has suggested some things to consider if we are going to keep up. Here is a sample…

Which ‘generation’ are you – Veteran – Baby Boomer – Generation – Millenial – or Generation Z??? Because depending on your description and that of your target clients you may need to change your approach? For example last year I learnt that young people don’t search for a new phone on Google they use their peer groups on Facebook, Twitter,or Snapchat!!! So it doesn’t matter how much you spend on SEO and adwords you are not going to find them. That was then!!!

For those intersted I have taken up playing again with a band called Goldrush Harmony and I am just about to launch as an artists with Evolving Art!  Busy Busy …

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