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In 2004 members of the Southampton Council of Faiths produced a series of six half hour programmes with Meridian TV looking at the six main different faith communities in the city. The programmes were an interesting and an educative insight into the lives of the Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian communities and their daily lives. We will look at each of these during Interfaith week – Today it is the faith of Islam – see video here …

The word Muslim is an Arabic word  and has the same root as the word Islam and it means the one who submits to the one God, Allah. Submission means obeying  God’s commands as revealed in the Quran and following  the example of the last Prophet of Allah, Muhammad (peace be  upon him).

What does a Muslim believe?
A  Muslim believes in God the Creator and that the purpose in  life is to worship God the Creator. A Muslim also believes  in the Divine Books of God (Torah, Bible and Quran); the  Angels, the Prophets, the Day of Judgement, Predestination.  Islam is a confirmation of the previous message revealed to all the other Prophets.
—————————————————————————————————Southampton Council of Faiths ( SCOF ) was set up in May 2001 to promote understanding between faiths in the city. It represents the faith community in dialogue with public bodies – Police Service, Fire Service, Health service. For more details about events in Interfaith Week please go to our events page...