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In 2004 members of the Southampton Council of Faiths produced a series of six half hour programmes with Meridian TV looking at the six main different faith communities in the city. The programmes were an interesting and an educative insight into the lives of the Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian communities and their daily lives.
We will look at each of these during Interfaith week –
Today – The Hindu Communitywatch the video here…

A Hindu is a person who practices the teachings of the Vedas and recognises that the ways and means of union with the supreme God are diverse. Hindus realise that although many representations of God exist, God is still one.

The religion is practiced by the people from India but it does not mean that all Indians are Hindus. Neither does it mean that all Hindus are Indian. The practices of Hindus are varied. It is possible to distinguish some Hindus by the way they dress or through marks on their foreheads e.g. the Aayapans wear black clothes and have a black dot on their forehead; worshippers of Lord Shiva sometimes mark their forehead with three lines of holy ash; Lord Krishna worshippers may have a U-shaped yellow mark on their forehead and may even sometimes wear saffron robes; worshippers of Swami Narayan may mark their foreheads with a red dot.

The majority of Hindus in the United Kingdom follow the ancient traditions of going to Temples and having a shrine at home. Following traditional Hindu practices varies. At festival times, most Hindus will celebrate by visiting Temples. Read more here..

Come and join us at the Vedic Temple Radcliffe Rd Southampton SO14 0PS on Wednesday 16th November  – 7.15 – 8.30 “Space for Peace”   An interfaith event where musicians from the community come together and share music, prayer and positivity. Come, sit, listen, join in , pray, reflect. Admission  free with a retiring collection for St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace www.Winchester.ac.uk/Music

Southampton Council of Faiths ( SCOF ) was set up in May 2001 to promote understanding between faiths in the city. It represents the faith community in dialogue with public bodies – Police Service, Fire Service, Health service. For more details about events in Interfaith Week please go to our events page...