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Sidekix enables urban walkers to navigate according to shops, galleries, restaurants, nightlife, and even their footwear.

Originally, navigation apps were used to help get people from A to B the quickest way possible. But we have seen an app that helps nocturnal walkers find the most well-lit route and one that enables visitors to choose the most beautiful path. Now, Sidekix combines many of the features from previous navigation apps and enables the user to customize their walk according to their interests — they can even filter by what shoes they are wearing.

To use, urban walkers input their start point and desired location. Then, they can add factors to their search, such as a business or amenity they need to pass en route, if they want to take a road with lots of shops or eateries, or if they want to go a way they haven’t been before. The app then curates a path for them to follow. Read more…

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