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more-venues1Music in the City is Southampton’s premier music event celebrating and promoting the wonderful diversity of musical talent within Southampton City for the benefit of all residents and city visitors.

The project, Music in the City, was set up by a small group of people who want to make more of the music in Southampton. We aim to:

º Help music in Southampton get the recognition it deserves;
º Promote the great range of music in this city;
º Get more people involved in music – singing, playing, learning, performing, and enjoying;
º Support the music-making that improves many peoples’ health and happiness in life ;
º Bring music to places where it doesn’t usually happen, like our historic buildings;
º Bring together the music communities in Southampton; and
º Hold a showcase festival every year to celebrate and get people involved.


The project was initiated in 2009 by Linda Norris when she was a City Councillor, and is supported, by the City Council.

But there are people involved in Music in the City from many different organisations, venues, and musical genres. More people are joining up all the time. See the last few years here

Come and join us here is a list of venues and their programmes