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Are you interested in upgrading your broad band connection?

The general web page about these vouchers is Connection Vouchers which has a yes/no post code check. There is a link there to Cities offering Broadband Connection Vouchers.
Be careful we nearly missed ‘Southampton’ as it’s listed as “Greater Southampton”. (Is that so it’s above Portsmouth in the list?)

Anyone actually in Southampton can go directly to Connection Vouchers Southampton. Note, they say “This scheme includes Southampton City Council, Eastleigh Borough Council, part of Test Valley Borough Council and part of New Forest District Council.

If you are eligible there are two options. Use a pre-approved provider or bake-your-own. If not, then fibre may still be available, just not under the scheme. Remember, most providers use Openreach. Cable TV areas may also be able to go with cable broadband. (Cable TV pretty much means “Virgin”.) So it’s worthwhile checking both. For example for home use my son has found Virgin Fibre Broadband is faster and cheaper than other providers.

From Brian Skeggs The IT Gentleman – Thank you Brian!

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