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So with the ‘noise ‘ of Christmas out of the way and everyone looking forward to 2015 what is going to happen with social media this year? This is an area that has been growing and changing rapidly in 2014 and it does not look as if this will change this year.

There were some new platforms out towards the end of last year – www.streetlife.com Streetlife tsufor local communities, ‘TSU‘ – a new social media platform and ‘ello’ and that’s just the ones that I found!



There is some talk about Google + closing due to the lack of engagement from the social media community. I am not surprised as I had found it quite difficult to use although Google hangouts have been very useful but you can use them even if you don’t have a Google account now. It will be interesting to see what Google bring out next!

I believe that we shall see a lot of people moving in to blogging this year. Once you get used to the routine you can use your blog to spread the word and engage with people on many different platforms.We created Social Media Connect in 2013 to help people to broadcast their thoughts so perhaps to will take off this year.

We are running a series of courses this year about blogging, social media and the other misunderstood item newsletters. If you are interested please contact courses@workzmarter.com

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