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Logica launched the Sustainability Stories competition 3 months ago to find the one project that they could help with €20,000 worth of consulting. They believe that the path to the future is through innovating now, so they set up www.sustainability-stories dedicated to projects from around the world. They had 73 competition entries for their judges (Vodafone, University College of London, Microsoft, GreenMonk, the Club of Budapest and Logica) to assess.

The winner was  GreenRiders, a Finnish company that facilitates the sharing of transport but  the judges were also really impressed with the two runners-up – Nudge from the Netherlands which takes citizen-driven ideas to help drive sustainability, and UK’s Workzmarter which uses technology to assist people, like mothers or the disabled, work from home. We’ll be telling you more about their work in our next couple of blogs so keep tuning in.  Read the full press release here

Workzmarter (then called 7×7) won two awards from SEEDA for best use of teleworkers in 2005 and 2006 but the competition form overseas call centers made it difficult to compete.

“We have always liked the idea of teams of virtual assistants working from home, using the technology and providing back office services to small businesses” says Carolyn Fujii, Operations Director  ” But we have to change the attitude of small business owners who try to do it all themselves and not consider outsourcing their support work. It works very well and helps to employ people who may not otherwise be able to engage in business. Our VAs were very hard working and professional.”  So watch out for the the rise of Virtual Assistants – 247virtualoffice.co.uk

Workzmarter provide a range of business services to help you to work more effectively – from training and coaching you to providing virtual assistants to do the work for you – Call 02380 768495 or email enquiries@workzmarter.com