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link buildingSocial media has become an important tool in attracting a large number of inbound links at a low cost. Here are ten quick ways in which you can start gathering inbound links organically.
1. Guest Blog Posts
Guest blogging is one of the quickest ways to attract links. You ask for permission to or are invited to write an article for someone else’s website.
2. Contest
The Internet overflows with contest opportunities offering prizes. They get shared easily and present an ideal platform to increase brand exposure, links and leads.
3. Controversy
A controversial topic is a great way to attract inbound links and social sharing.
4. Directories
Sites like Google & Yelp as directories help us find the answers to our searches.
Lists are the most popular types of blog posts and attract inbound links.
6. Define New Concepts
Spot new trends in your industry early. Notice common problems and pain points. Look for complex ideas and start discussions around these topics.
7. How to Content
People online are searching for information they can use right away. Target a relevant topic and find something that has not been written about or take a new stance on an old subject.
8. Badges
A mix between a logo and a banner, a badge should serve as a mini-ad for you.
9. Social Networks
Your website and blog should include social media sharing buttons to let people easily spread your content across their networks.
10. Content Distribution
Consider news websites and educational websites and you can also make syndication deals with other blogs for content distribution.


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