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In his book, The End of Business as Usual, Brian Solis cautions that businesses that embrace and adapt to the revolution will survive the perpetual threat of digital Darwinism—and those that do not will die!
Brian Solis wrote this book to demonstrate how our digital culture is changing the landscape of business, consumerism and the workplace, and what YOU should do about it.
He hopes that the insights you gain from his book will teach you how to embrace new media in order to become a more competitive, more successful business.

The End of Business as Usual is all about a new era of business. An era in which information (social media) has drastically changed the landscape, disrupted markets and put the connected consumer in charge. It is an era in which businesses must either “adapt or die!”

With 20 chapters (283 pages) of weighty concepts and projections (all supported by research, quotes, statistics, graphs and passionate arguments), it’s no surprise that the book gets a little intense at times. It should therefore be read in small, digestible chunks and with pen and paper handy.

You will be introduced to interesting concepts such as:

  • Social consumerism
  • The connected consumer
  • “Youthquake”—how the Millennial generation has become a powerful force of influence and consumerism
  • Your audience as an audience with audiences
  • The co-creation of brands
  • How digital influence creates a new “world order”
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