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FacebookFacebook pages are changing. And that means your business strategy will need to change. In fact, Facebook has made many new changes that will impact anyone with a Facebook page. Facebook is looking at pages as a “mission control” point. Here is an overview of the changes and how brands can take advantage of some of the new features:

1. Cover Photo and Profile Image
Obviously one of the biggest changes that we all knew was coming was the cover photo. No more photo strip across the top. You now have one large image to showcase your page. This image must be a minimum of 399 pixels across to be used as the cover photo. But you can have a photo cover designed to take advantage of the extra space you get. The cover photo maximum dimensions are 850 pixels by 315 pixels.

2.Setting Company Milestones
Another thing you can add to make your Timeline more interesting is Milestones. You can tell people about big events in the life of your brand or company. All you need to do is click on the line that runs down the middle of your Timeline and select Milestone.

3. Larger, Highlighted and Pinned Posts
One of Facebook’s mantras during the conference was the way we tell stories with Facebook. To help you tell your stories, the pictures and videos are now larger and more eye-catching.

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