Google plus for businessesAre you struggling to figure out how to market your business with Google+? Looking for some tips and ideas? You’ve come to the right place.

1. Personalize your page URL
While Facebook allows page owners to create vanity URLs of the structure, Google does not currently do the same.

By default, Google+ page URLs look like this: It seems likely that at some point Google will allow for personalized page URLs, but until they do, there is a service that can help. At, you can create a custom URL like, which will redirect a user to your page. This link is more user-friendly and branded for your business or organization. When it comes to branding yourself on social channels, a little vanity is OK!

2. Craft an eye-catching mini-bio for your hovercard
Get creative with your “Employer” field and use that to craft an eye-catching “mini-bio.” This then shows in your hovercard, which is often the only information someone on Google+ has in front of them to decide whether to circle (follow) you or not. Make it really easy for more people to circle you by having a bio somewhat similar to what you may have on Twitter.

I think one of the most important things that businesses need to do with both their personal profiles and Google+ pages is fill out all of the details. Don’t think of Google+ as just another social profile. Think about it as your first contact point with a new client.

3.Create a great first impression
With that in mind, make sure you have a great description in your introduction, all of your contact details, and links to your most important online properties including your website, top pages on your website (products or services), blog and main social profiles (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn). Also be sure to use the photostrip underneath your headline to display the photos that best represent you and your brand.

4.Promote your Google+ page
It’s important to remember to promote your Google+ page from your website and other online presences. A recent BrightEdge study  found that of the world’s top 100 brands that had scurried to create a Google+ business page, 61 of them had not displayed a link from their website to their new Google+ page.
Businesses should tap into features such as Google Badges. To do this, you need to sign up at the Google+ Platform Preview and then create and customize your badge at the Google+ configuration tool page. The page will generate a script that you’ll code into your website to enable and display the badge.

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