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LinkedIn advertising1: Create great ads with powerful copy and relevant images

Before you fine-tune your campaigns with targeting or increase your bids, you’ve got to start with a great ad. Write effective ad copy. LinkedIn ads are short: they’re just 75 characters for the description and 25 characters for the headline. Every character counts.
LinkedIn allows you to send people to a link on your own site or to a page on LinkedIn itself. Similar to how Facebook marketers use Sponsored Stories to promote Facebook pages, marketers can use LinkedIn ads to promote company pages or LinkedIn groups. LinkedIn recently added the ability for companies to post status updates to company pages.

2: Target your ads to a specific audience

Narrow down your audience to the most relevant prospects. A few common targeting options include industry (banking, marketing and advertising, Internet), job function (marketing, academics, engineering) and groups.
Tip: Check out LinkedIn Today to see what the top-shared news is for each industry to learn more about your audience. Understanding what news they are interested in sharing is a good indicator of what offers they may be interested in as well.

3: Split-test different variations of your campaign

LinkedIn ad accounts are organized by campaigns. Each campaign has its own daily budget, targeting options and ads. LinkedIn recommends that you create at least three ads per campaign with varying headlines, call-to-action phrases and images. You can create up to 15 different ads for each campaign. LinkedIn displays your ads to your selected target audience. When you start getting clicks, the top ad by CTR will be shown more frequently, so it will receive even more clicks.

4: Measure the performance of your ads

Like for any marketing initiative, you want to pay attention to metrics to understand your LinkedIn ads’ effectiveness. But consider your overall marketing and business goals first when you think about what your goals are with LinkedIn ads, and measure accordingly.

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