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eventHere are some ideas for creating and sharing content from an event for promoting your brand online.

1. Videos
Hand out video cameras to your employees to capture the buzz and the happenings as well as utilizing a video recording crew to record event. These can be posted on YouTube or submitted to an online social media Video distributor such as TubeMogul.com which provides a free service that provides a single point for  deploying videos to the top video and social networking sites.
2. Pictures & Images
Create a Flickr account to allow attendees to submit photos to share. This provides crowd sourcing content that is free and remember that most phones now have high quality multi-mega pixel cameras. It does’t cost you a cent and provides your brand with more presence online.
3. Slideshare
Slideshare is a social media platform that turns your Powerpoint presentations, Word, PDF’s, documents and professional videos into slides for viewing online anywhere anytime. They can’t be copied but allows you to share the major points from an event.
4. Twitter
You can create a Hashtag for the event eg #myeventname that allows you to see peoples reactions to the event in real time and to also create buzz about the event and your brand.
5. Blogs
Engage bloggers to blog about the event and you can aggregate their posts using a blog widget
6. Facebook
Create a Facebook page or group for the event to share updates before and after as well as being able to publish links ,images, videos and any other multi-media rich content
7. Website
Also don’t forget to publish content both before and after the event on your website. (It helps if you have a website developed using a CMS  (Content Management System) that allows easy uploading of content without hving to know programming or HTML.

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