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Email MarketingBelow we have listed 16 tips to ensure that your email campaigns are a success.

1. Setup an email account such as ‘newsletter@mycompany.com’ and use that as the “Reply-To” address for all your email marketing. Consider other accounts for easier response tracking.
2. Relevance – Plan your content. Your emails need to relevant and interesting to the target audience. Ideally you will craft separate emails for the different segments of your target audience.
3. Frequency – Consider your industry and the work involved in writing each email. Perhaps start with quarterly newsletters and monitor.
4. Added value content – Ensure that each email or newsletter delivers added value. Useful subject matter for inclusion – how to guides, company news, special promotions.
5. Visual impact – Create a strong visual impact for your email and ensure it is deliverable across different email clients.
6. List segmentation – You should plan for segmentation of your database. This could be based on the type of email address or the customer segment – dependent on the products or services you offer.
7. Timing – Pick the optimum time and day for distribution and be contactable when you send. This will depend on the business sector you are in and the customer journey.
8. Personalise your emails to increase open rate and click through rates for your links and remember to respect your subscriber’s privacy.
9. Develop an interesting subject line, use bullet points, sub heads and bold to maintain the interest of the reader.
10. Test, test and test again – Test email receipt, different design styles, images, that links work and are received across different email clients and able to get past spam filters.
11. Not a natural-born writer? Hire a marketing consultancy/content provider or copywriter to craft the words for you – It is definitely worth the investment.
12. Analyse your results – Track open rates, links, web traffic, phone calls and emails to your ‘reply to’ addresses.  Use this data to gain a greater understanding of your customers, what works and what doesn’t.

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