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shopping on Facebook

Source appsforfacebook.info

There is something happening on Facebook that you might not have noticed. What you might have overlooked is the fact that a new term “F-Commerce” which is the social business of having your own online store on Facebook is now emerging and becoming a reality and is being embraced by brands both big and small.

If you visit the Facebook pages of the top 10 major music stars on Facebook, six have their own store on Facebook. Also other top brands such as Warner Brothers, JC Penney and Brooks Brothers are planning on setting up a shop on Facebook.

Smaller brands have set up shop on Facebook such as Vintage Marketplace and Grand Social and the opportunity for people to share their online shopping experiences makes the social commerce online store an attractive proposition for business owners. Is 2011 the social commerce tipping point? Some pundits are predicting that F-commerce on Facebook will reach as high as $1.2 billion in 2011.

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