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People who are thinking of starting their own business in 2012 will be pleased to

Thinking of starting your own business?

hear about Solent Business Growth Network (SBGN)  – a cluster of independent business owners who have come together to support the development of new and existing small businesses in the Solent Region. In the current economic climate there may be a feeling that the future is uncertain and there are very few opportunities but members of SBGN would disagree.

Solent News: Launch of Solent Business Growth Network (SBGN): Jan 9th  2012
Thinking of starting your own business in 2012? SBGN is here to help with some ‘hands on’ help and advice and practical ideas to help small businesses and start ups  to succeed….  Click here for the full article about SBGN

For more information go to Solent Business Growth Network or call 0800  612 9976