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Over the past few years consumers have changed their mobile buying habits and have bought smart phones instead of normal feature phones. Iphones and Android products have taken over and according to recent data; more than 35% of the UK now owns a smart phone. 59.3% of these smart phone users are now interacting on social media networks through their devices.

As smart phones get even more dominant a considerable amount of the population will be turning to their handset for information and recommendations on what to buy or where to go. Location based marketing is the next step for a company’s social media campaign.

- Source TechPP 2010″]Top Location Based Services Compared with Facebook Places [Infographic]So, if you’re looking to connect with people where you are, where should you begin?

1 Facebook Places –  a person can easily share where they are, what they are doing and the friends they are with right from their mobile.

2 Foursquare – the current posterboy for location based social networking, it’s the hottest social media property right now. Foursquare’s check-ins and becoming mayor of various places are becoming synonymous with location, a key way of staying ahead of the game…and speaking of which, there’s even games being built on the Foursquare platform!

3 Brightkite – the Daddy of location, Brightkite is a stable social network that is based on a popular Twitter-like platform.

4 Gowalla – hot on the heels of Foursquare, Gowalla wants you to share where you are with images and videos, not just simply by telling people with text updates. Also you can drop and pick up virtual objects (if you wish). Very cool and could be the one to watch.

5 Koprol – Koprol has recently been acquired by Yahoo after growing in popularity in Indonesia. It could be a dark horse, if, and only if, Yahoo give it the investment it requires.

6 echoecho – perfect if you only want to let your close friends know where you are, echoecho keeps your location private – the perfect antidote to all those nasty privacy issues.

7 Yelp – a reviews based location social network, Yelp aims to provide up to date information about anything from shopping and restaurants, to nightlife and financial services, wherever you are.

8 Google Latitude – yep, even Google are in on the act, Google Latitude (which also ties in with Google Buzz on your Android mobile phone) allows you to connect to your friends using your big G user profile, pointing at you and your friends on a mobile optimised Google Map.

Is Location Based Social NetworksThe Next Big Thing?

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