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SEO vs Social MediaA few years ago the idea of choosing between a search engine optimization (SEO) program for your website, or making social media a top marketing priority would have been easy – nobody was going to locate your business on Google if the site wasn’t optimized.

For companies with a tight marketing budget, improving visibility of a website or a Web page in search engines was a priority. Today, however, a lot has changed.

Google eventually tweaked its algorithms to adopt social media into the search mix back in 2009. Now, pulling the trigger on choosing between an SEO campaign over social media outreach (or vice versa) to beef up your company’s Web profile is a bit more complicated. Search engines are designed to provide the most relevant content among a seemingly endless stream of interconnected pages on the Web. That can’t be fully achieved unless social media tools ─ Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, YouTube, ect. ─ are included in the search mix. After all, much of the Web’s content is shared through these social media sources.

As a business owner keeping an eye on costs, however, you might have a decision to make as to which to employ. (Source: Tim Gray)


SEO will get you more traffic up front than social media will and even though social media is gaining more and more traction every day, it still doesn’t come close to what a number one ranking can do for your site in terms of raw traffic.

On the other hand, getting top search rankings for high ranking keywords is difficult but not impossible to achieve. Regardless of what people say, it can take months… even years because this is the land where most of the big boys play (major corporations, etc).

Not to mention that this also takes a lot of time (investment) and can cost you a lot of money as well.

Social Media

Social media is free. It’s easy to manage and doesn’t take months before you see results. Social media has a lot of side benefits that go beyond the raw traffic stats. Prominent social media figures build a strong reputation in a space, which often increases their conversion rates because of their reputation.

Likewise, they’re more likely to get invited to speaking engagements, where many profitable business deals can be made. The key to good social media marketing is to provide something your users want, consistently. If that’s a weekly how-to video, then make sure you provide that video every week, without fail.

SEO creates value in attracting people to  your blog or website and Social Media let’s people find you in closed networks where the search engines are not allowed to go, and drive traffic from there to your website.

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