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how to write a good blogA blog is an excellent of generating a lot of interest in your business and providing a boost in the battle for search engine ratings, but on the other hand it could end up being a waste of time and resourc if no-one ever reads it.

Here’s how to make your blog shine:

  1. Plan your blog – Just as you would your business and marketing strategy. Have a goal for the blog, for example to build your brand, to sell more, to communicate with your existing customers and then try to focus your posts on the objective.
  2. Create interesting titles for your blog posts – look for  intrigue, news relevance and, of course, your key words. Spend some time on your first paragraph too – ensure it contains the keywords and keyphrases that are widely searched by your readers. Never use a misleading title – you will lose readers.
  3. Use good English – avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. Use punctuation and capital letters correctly if you want to be taken seriously.
  4. Reply to comments – it’s the polite thing to do. If you don’t you may lose readers who think you are not interested or cannot be bothered to respond. Negative comments should be dealt with constructively,
    rather than hidden or ignored.
  5. Keep posting at least 3 to 4 times a week.
  6. Keep on topic – don’t cover a range of unrelated topics in a blog. You need to focus on a theme that is relevant to your business, so that visitors always know what to expect.
  7. Link out – once you’ve written your post, look for opportunities to link out to other websites and blogs. The writers may spot this and follow the link back to you.
  8. Promote your blog to your customers – link to it prominently from your homepage.
  9. Use images – it is becoming more common for blogs to be embellished with images and videos.  Strictly speaking, blogs that are maintained for commercial gain should not use any image for which they do not have copyright, license or permission.
  10. Use news – blog posts on news announcements are useful if they relate to a recent announcement- they could appear in a key word search as users search for more information on a hot topic.
  11. Don’t drop your blog when things get busy, interesting or exciting – this is when you should  blog all the more. If you generate followers, they will always want to see what you have to say – so don’t let them

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