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Social Media Marketing SouthamptonSocial Media is fast becoming an effective way to promote your products and services on the web and drive traffic to your web site and one important social media tool is Facebook. Often official Facebook statistics can be hard to come by aside from the few that the company publishes at its whim. Fortunately for us, there are many data fiends, marketers and organizations who keep close track of Facebook stats through surveys and research of their own. Individual numbers can be misleading, but combined they form a compelling picture that help us to better understand who uses Facebook and what their interests on the social network are. Social Tehnology Review website has done the legwork and compiled a list of 50 pieces of new Facebook data that online marketers and brand managers should take note of.

General Facebook Statistics:

1. Facebook currently boasts over half a billion users, with 50% of them logging on daily (Facebook).

2. If Facebook were a country, it would rank 3rd in population behind only China and India. That’s up two spots since last year.

3. The social network giant continues to see significant growth and closed out 2010 with 7.9 new registrants per second (SocialBakers.com).

4. Facebook recently trumped Google as the top source of traffic routed to other major portals.

Facebook Users’ Demographics:

5. The top three countries with the largest numbers of Facebook users are the United States, Indonesia and the United Kingdom (SocialBakers.com).

6. Nearly half of all Americans (42.3%) use Facebook, whereas 7% of Americans have a Twitter account (eMarketer).

7. 70% of Facebook users reside outside of the U.S.

8. The U.S. is not represented in the top 5 global cities with the most Facebook users. They are in order: Jakarta (Indonesia), Istanbul (Turkey), Mexico City (Mexico), London (U.K.) and Bangkok (Thailand) (SocialBakers.com).

9. Usage of Facebook in Asia and Africa has increased dramatically in the past year with Asia increasing its user base by 24% and Africa 27% in the first 3 months of 2011 (SocialBakers.com).

10. Users aged 18-24 constitute the largest single age demographic on Facebook, but the 65+ crowd was the largest growing segment year over at a whopping 124% (SocialBakers.com).

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