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Wibiya BarSocial media integration on websites and blogs is critical today,  serving to broaden reach and engage users. A side effect, however, is that various widgets can easily convolute an otherwise sleek website without giving much in return. Even worse, social media plugins can lure users away to their social networks just when they should be staying put. Wibiya is an all-inclusive toolbar that allows you to integrate social features seamlessly on your site while a platform full of valuable apps provide everything you need and then some.

Here are some of the toolbar  applications:

  • Facebook – allows readers to see your facebook fan page without leaving your site via a popup
  • Twitter – allows readers to see your twitter stream as well as tweet a link out about your page without leaving your page
  • Recent Posts – when clicked it shows the latest posts on the blog (while not as useful on the front page where these posts are already displayed it can help increase page views from single posts.
  • Real Time Users – shows readers how many others are online and what they’re reading
  • Random Posts – when clicked it takes readers to a random post on your blog
  • Subscribe – allows readers to subscribe to your RSS feed
  • Smart Share – allows readers to share your posts via a variety of means including on social bookmarking sites, twitter, facebook and via email

There is an app for every website!!!

Also custom colors, fonts and logos round out its array of options and take little more than a couple of minutes to edit and install on the page footer so that your sleek website skin stays that way. No more wasted time revising widget dimensions or tracking analytics, either. Wibiya covers it all.

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“Workzmarter not harder”

If you would like a wibiya bar for your website contact me on info@workzmarter.com or 07545 982838