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Advantages of Social Media

  1. Cost-effectiveness. Content can go viral with very little cost.
  2. Contact with consumers. Companies interact socially with their customers.
  3. Drives traffic, generated leads and converses sales
  4. Ability to inform and educate the public about your business
  5. Social media networks can be integrated on websites and blogs

Disadvantages of Social Media

  1. Time consuming. It is very important to dedicate the amount of time necessary to communicate with your audience, a lot of times it is more time consuming that the companies have estimated
  2. Damaged Reputation. Wrong brand strategy can put you in a viral social disadvantage and can hurt your reputation.
  3. Limited Control. Marketers have little control over what people say and how they react to companies’ activities.

Both SEO and Social Media have their pros and cons. However, a company can gain insight on customers’ behaviors and conduct analysis on their attitudes and reaction better through social media. A company can gain more quality customers and affect their decisions better through constant communication that social media tools provide. Lastly, increased traffic through social media is more targeted than through search engine optimization.

An organization should not neglect either of the two tools. On the contrary, it should use both wisely in order to get the best of every tool.

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