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digital habits ukAccording to a recent Warc article, consumers in the UK are adopting an increasingly diverse range of digital media habits, a new report has shown.

Business services specialist KPMG and research firm YouGov surveyed 2,103 people, and found smartphone penetration has now reached 36%, including 54% of 18-24 year olds. In all, 74% of respondents owning a gadget like the iPhone use it to go online, 61% access social media sites, and 58% use email or instant messaging platforms.

A further 25% watch TV or video clips on wireless devices, 18% had completed an m-commerce transaction, and 15% read newspapers. To date, 25% of consumers had also paid for some form of content made available on these appliances, the report added.

Apps are another area witnessing a surge in demand, with 74% of smartphone subscribers downloading at least one such tool in the month ending 31 March, 2011. However, 42% of the applications selected carried no charge, 31% operated a mixed model and a 1% minority were entirely paid-for. Apple’s App Store currently generates 73% of paid-for downloads, ahead of 7% for Google’s alternative, and 6% for BlackBerry’s App World.

Turning to tablets, penetration has grown from 2% in September 2010 to 5% today, KPMG revealed. At present, 74% of this audience log on to the web via their iPad – holding an estimated 57% category share – or similar offerings, while 66% read emails and 52% play free games. Half of tablet owners stream video and broadcast material and use social media, 38% had acquired goods and services, and 25% regularly read newspaper articles and features on the devices.

What do you do with your Tablet? Which are your favourite apps?

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