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Well we all knew it would happen but the battle is on for poll posiiton between Linkedin and Facebook with the launch of Branchout!Is this an alternative to linkedin?
There are some interesting ideas in Branchout (jobs, badges and the like) but I am not sure if Facebook have taken on too much of a change. –


Post A Job – this is one feature that BranchOut has brought to the forefront unlike LinkedIn, which makes it difficult for an employee to post a job without being the administrator of a company page. On BranchOut, anybody can post a job vacancy quickly. However, there is a catch. It will be a private listing and can be seen only by your friends and their friends. With a premium feature, BranchOut allows you to list the job publicly, so that everyone using the app can view it. This is being charged currently at $49.

BranchOut does not play into the narcissistic need to know who has been peeking at your profile every week and view ads by members.

The messaging via BranchOut is also minimalistic. There is an Inbox where you can check your connection requests and send messages to any of your Facebook friends – whether they have joined BranchOut or not – and you can also see the sent messages. It suffices, if you are not a regular user. LinkedIn’s messaging is more active though. You can take a peek at the messages through a dropdown list without leaving the homepage.

LinkedIn has the first-mover advantage, and has had the time to attempt various innovations – features such as Groups, News (which LinkedIn has recently introduced with the magazine LinkedIn Today), Answers, Events, Company Buzz and a new one called Skills, which is still in beta stage. These are missing in BranchOut. Also, information on connections and jobs in India is not as strong yet on BranchOut.

BranchOut’s most casual feature is the badge – you get one for being an early adopter, for being a professional networker, and one can also gift badges to friends. There are 58 badges in all that can be sent to a friend’s profile – from Genius Entrepreneur, Expert Angel Investor, HR Ninja to Got Me A Job, Best Dressed and Super Funny

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