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I hear this question everyday. Unfortunately the only way to asses this is to try it out but that means spending time looking at twitter, Facebook and Linkedin etc  I have been offering workshops and training sessions about these applications but the problem is that the delegates run out of time and then forget all that they have learned. We need to find a way that we can get social media into our work day (like making telephone calls, appointments, planning etc etc)

Social media is being used successfully by some  businesses but they are having to invest time and money to find their unique way of using the tools. There is certainly the opportunity for smaller businesses to make a difference and I believe that it is the future for promoting your online presence.

We have developed an idea called Social Media Connect which is essentially a distribution and tracking system for some of the main social media tools but it still needs the content from the owner. ervey web designer will tell you that “content is king” but is usually the single thing that will hold up the web site developing

How do you integrate social media into your daily routine? Do you do it regularly, schedule it into your diaery or as the fancy takes you?