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There has been a lot of ‘noise’ about cloud computing over the last few years and I was fortunate to attend a seminar yesterday that was organised by Thomas Eggar solicitors and James Cowper accountants from Newbury. Their guest speakers were Jamie Thompson from Vodafone and Tim Gregson from Microsoft.

Vodafone One Net

Convergence Communications

Jamie spoke about the development of mobile communications since the first call made in 1985. Vodafone are launching a new service called One Net Express, a unified system  which looks as if  it could be a really useful  for businesses of all sizes who struggle to pick up their telephone calls.

The other guest speaker was  Tim Gregson from Microsoft who showed us a glimpse of the future, or at least how they saw it, using cloud computing and their new Office 365 , a suite of  Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc and Sharepoint and Link to enable collaboration on line. A very bold commitment to using everything online (the cloud) in order to reduce the cost of IT and improve productivity.  Both companies are confident that cloud computing will become popular in the future and enable us to work anywhere, anytime and on any technology. MS Cloud logo

However there are some interesting issues for managers and staff  to consider which were  put forward by Kim Walker, IP  and Technology advisor for Thomas Eggar and  Rob Holland from James Cowper. It seems that it may  be easier  to access the cloud and associate technologies than it will be to address the EU Working Time Directive

How do you see these ideas working in your organisation?