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A new Business Southampton Action Group led by the world authorities on linked data and web science Professor Nigel Shadbolt and Professor Dame Wendy Hall has been launched with the aim of creating a truly digital city.

The move comes in the week when UK crime figures were made available on line for the first time, allowing anyone to check crime rates in their area – and the launch prompted 30m hits in an hour.

City Champions who signed up to a workshop held at The Hub at Southampton City College, were given the chance to develop ideas that will be taken forward by the group which is led by Professor Dame Wendy Hall and Professor Nigel Shadbolt from the University of Southampton.

They looked at four themes:
 How to create a Wi-Fi city
 How the city can take a lead in making linked open data available to all
 Southampton’s digital footprint in terms of marketing the city
 Creating a digital cluster to attract new business to the region

Dame Wendy Hall said there was a major opportunity for the city to take the lead.“We are trying to get things moving in our area to put us at the forefront of what is happening in the digital world,” she said.

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