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How easy was it to plonk and advertisement into the local newspaper and sit back and wait for the calls to come in… that was a couple of years ago.  Now

Which one to use???

, newspapers sales are dropping at such a dramatic rate that many are going out of business if they haven’t taken the step up to go online.

Cold calling used to be an established route to market but with data protection requiring you to already have a relationship with your database, how can you create one if you can’t get to them

The key is right there – how do you get to your market?  What is the best way of selling your goods or services – by word of mouth referral from a customer who has a relationship with you – someone who trusts and may even like you.  And what is a relationship, it is a social medium – so perhaps now you can see where this is going…

Social media marketing.  Many people look at twitter and facebook and think its just one of those phases that the kids are using to communicate with each other – not so.  These are powerful communication building tools that enable you to reach your prospective client and build trust and relationships them.

What do you need to do?  You need to give them content, something that they want or need.  There’s no point in resorting back to the old “here’s my fabulous wares” type advertising, they’ve seen it all before and particularly with the Brit cultures which still exists – if you need to advertise you aren’t much good!  Rather, attract them with something that catches their interest – tell them something that will light a think bulb for the day, give them a tip that will change how they do things.  Bring them in by doing just what I’m doing here …. giving a little bit of information away so they want more …..