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Well in all my years working in IT I must say I was ‘gob smacked’ this week with the launch of  iPad. I was only saying at the end of last year that touch technology is the thing that will help us all to use computers more effectively and I purchased an iPhone in the middle of last year and have not got over it experience yet!

I had a spam email arrive with a link to the Apple iPad demo and had to watch it three times as I could not belive what I was seeing! I think it will truly

ipad picture

The iPad is here

 revolutionise the use of ‘the computer’ in our lives. I can imagine  many manufacturers working out how they can use this technology in their products (if the don’t already have it). Don’t take my word for it watch the iPad demo video and hear the developer talking about their experiences.

Some of the features include  large multi-touch screen – think of it as a large iPod or iPhone? A built-in web browser, book reader(and book shop – iBooks) email, photos viewer (like a photo frame) Video player, music player, YouTube,  Maps and the usual business tools – calendar, notes and contacts!

Availability looks like summer time over here in the UK and the prices look like being between £300 – £600 depending on the memory etc.  And Apple have also thought about the developers and there is an SDK  for developers so you can build your on apps.

All in all I think it looks fantastic? What do you think? Apple have always been good at innovation and I belive they have really done it this time! And that is coming from a PC user !!!